Plastic vs. Vinyl Binders

binderOne of the staples in office supplies according to buyonlinenow  is of course binders. These are not only used to hold papers, but they can contain entire pieces of information on the client the person is working for. Needless to say, they are a valuable type of office supply to have in your office. With this being said, there are plastic and vinyl ring binders, which has many people wondering just which is the best for them to use.

Characteristics of the Plastic Binder

The plastic binder is going to be a bit more flimsy in terms of how strong the cover is. However, that does mean that the binder can bend, which may be important to some people who may travel frequently or the like. These are available in many widths and colors to help a person to organize their office in any way they should see fit. Most of these plastic binders are a bit see-through meaning that a person can easily find the information they are hunting for when looking at these binders.

Characteristic of the Vinyl Binder

The vinyl binder is covered in a vinyl coating, making them a bit more durable in comparison to the plastic binder. These binders are not meant to bend, meaning that papers can be a bit more protected. In addition, these come in various widths and colors, making it easy to color coordinate files or the like.

Which is Better?

The decision as to which are better is going to depend entirely upon the person and what they want from a binder. For those who are looking for a way to travel easily with binders, they may find that the plastic binder is better suited for their needs. However, forthose who need something that is more permanent, they are going to find the vinyl binders are going to be their best option

Traveling with Office Supplies

Many of those who work in an office often find themselves traveling. And when they
travel they tend to bring a lot of their office with them. This includes bringing office
supplies that they may need on their journey. With this being said, those who will be
traveling for their job need to ensure they have all the supplies that they could possibly
need. The key is to finding supplies that are going to fit easily into their briefcase or bag|
and are not going to be bothersome to travel with.

What you May Need
There are a few things that you may need while traveling for work. These include:
- A laptop with charger, carrying case and a spare USB drive to ensure you can do
anything that you would normally do while in the office
- Pens and pencils, and you should be sure that you are carrying many of these as you do
not want to find yourself having to hit a supply store after arriving at your destination.
- Correction supplies such as white out, tape and the like to ensure that you are not
feeling as though your work is suffering while traveling.
- File folders that are plastic, since these do travel better. Many people find that using a
plastic ring binder is a great accessory to have on the road.
It may also be important to carry some sort of business card with you while traveling.
You never know when the need may arise to give these to someone. Though many people
do not consider these an office supply, others consider these to be an extension of their
own body and have them on them at all times.
For those who seriously want to be ready for any obstacle that may come their way while
traveling, also consider:
- A small, compact stapler and stapler remover
- A small pair of scissors
- Extra rubber bands and paper clips
- Also don’t forget coupons, so you can save some money.
When you are ready to travel for your work, all of these supplies can easily fit into a nice,
solid built briefcase. Many people find they can carry all of this in their laptop case,
which can serve a dual purpose. The key to traveling with your office supplies is to
ensure you have what you need, and you have duplicates so there are no problems.